A lot of complex problems just need a fresh idea for a simple and excellent solution.
SimplexSoft team has performed an outstanding job with excellent turn around and flexibility. Due to your high quality deliverables... >>   SimplexSoft company has been involved in development of large products for well-known companies. We cannot publish direct links to products created by us to the Internet. But what we could do is to put short descriptions here instead.
  • Intranet corporate system
    Intranet system for corporate processes management
    Implementation language, technologies: ASP, ASP.Net, Oracle, ADS
    Platform : Windows
  • Remote Control system
    Remote desktop access/telecommuting software. Allows to access and control remote machine over the Internet. Uses mirror driver for remote desktop capturing.
    Implementation language: C++
    Platform : Windows
  • Secure resources access management enterprise solution
    Allows to manage resource access using convenient web interface. XML-based access rules system. Allows to export/import users from most popular LDAP servers (ADS, Netscape). Automatically imports web resources to be protected from web servers (IIS, Apache). Quick integration, easy management.
    Implementation language: C/C++, Java
    Platform : Windows, Linux
  • Web-site content management
    XML template based web site content management system. JavaScript on-line GUI for layout and cell content management. PHP-JavaScript engine for smart page rendering.
    Implementation Language: PHP, DHTML, JavaScript
    Platform : Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari
  • Remote Database Administration
    Allows to perform database management and administration from devices with PocketPC or PalmOS.
    Implementation Language: Java
  • Domain name harvester
    Web bot which collects domain names over the Internet and stores them in the Database. Java-Oracle cross-platform solution. Huge amount of data supported.
    Implementation Language: Java

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